How to ride a bike in 2 hours

Mercedes.phl with the lady behind DIVA CYCLING INITIATIVE, Denyse

Okay, so this is how the story goes. A decade ago i added cycling to my bucket list of “to dos”. I was shy to even say it out loud, for fear of being mocked.

4 years ago due to weight gain, my desire to ride a bike was awakened. I knew that all I needed was to get a bike. Which was strange because everyone around me said it was impossible due to my weight.

Fast forward last year, at a swim session in legon, I met a biker who comes there with another guy he was training. Later got to know they were professionals. I had a chat with him and asked him to help me ride. He was calm, but I knew deep down he was screaming “whattttt”. Well, he connected me to a guy who got me a bike.

Can you believe I had the bike for 6months without reaching out to my trainer buddy. (well not my fault, guy was always busy… lol) I almost gave up on ever learning cycling.

I called up the bike seller to tell him to get me a stationed bike….. lol no bi easy ooo ajjeeiiii. He refused but rather introduced me to a WhatsApp group created by Denyse especially for women bikers and beginners “virgin riders”.

Day 1: whiles the pros went on their journey, I was left behind to be assisted. I got amazing support from 2 lovely ladies who coached me after my trainer lost hope that I could make it.

Within an hour I was riding around the block with little assistant…. yyeeaayyy. Next Saturday I missed training due to a little issue I had.

Day 2: didn’t meet any of my trainers so I was left in the hands of a new one. Ooh my…’ this guy had so much faith in me he took me to the main road in front of the night market to ride. He assisted me throughout the session. I had actually Improved even though I missed a Saturday, that made me happy.

Day 3: joined the pros at my own speed and with my new coach, I reached limits I never knew I could.

Mercedes.phl with comrade Johnson

This is how I made it to the table….. lessons; failure and fear is just in the mind. You can achieve everything you set your mind on.

End of round one….. it’s time for some higher level climbing…. squad

The second you decide it’s possible…. the world is at your feet.

Mercedes.phl …. for the love.

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